On Mondays We Mask

I love to use face masks; they are such a great way to give your skin a little extra TLC. I usually mask 3-4 times a week but I try to never miss a Monday. It’s a great way to recharge and get back into my weekday schedule. Here are the masks I’m currently using:

If you want a quick mask:


Peter Thomas Roth- Brightening Bubbling Mask: One of the downsides to traditional masks is that they take time, most take at least five minutes. This one by PTR can be used in as little as 30 seconds which makes it great to use before you apply your makeup. It does make your skin noticeably brighter, feels super good, and adds a little extra moisture.

If you want an inexpensive mask:


Dr. Jart+- Dermaclear Trans-Foam Clay: These clay masks are only $15 each and you get 1.7 ounces, which is cheap in the mask world. Each one works on a different skin concern, I have the one for refreshing and one for moisturizing. They contain a lovely, thick mud and leave your skin feeling smooth and clean after leaving them on for 15 minutes.

If you want a sleeping mask:


Shiseido- Ibuki Sleeping Mask– This is a gel mask which contains little micro beads of moisture. You simply apply this after cleansing and sleep in it. It is quick absorbing and oil-free so it won’t damage your bedding like other sleeping masks.

If you want a mask you can feel working:


Peter Thomas Roth- Pumpkin Enzyme Mask: This is my favorite mask because it is very effective, but it’s not for the faint of heart. We all now that pumpkin burns when it is applied to the face (it’s a very common spa treatment) and this mask is no exception. When you first apply it you can certainly feel a burning sensation and you have to rub it to activate the exfoliation and that makes it burn more and then leave it one for 7 minutes. But the results are amazing; after just one use it reduces texture and breakouts and helps with fine lines. It also smells incredible, just like pumpkin pie, and the smell lingers in your bathroom of for a long time which is lovely.

If you want a mask for post-workout:


Kiehl’s- Calendula & Ale Soothing Hydration Masque: One of the main ways I motivate myself to work out is by treating my post-workout shower like a mini spa. I apply this mask and lay in the hot tub for 15 minutes while it works its magic and then I take an extra long hot shower after and I always leave feeling incredible. This mask is a gel formula with an incredible herbal scent. It is soothing on a hot, sweaty face and makes my skin feel nice and clean without being tight.

If you want an all-around, universally, great mask:


GLAMGLOW- Gravity Mud Firming Treatment : This has got to be one of the most recognizable masks on the market. This bright silver goo looks just like unicorn blood from Harry Potter. But there might actually be some magic in this jar because this stuff is so great. It helps with texture, dryness, redness, fine lines, ect. I’m fairly certain any person, with any skin type would get a benefit from this mask. If you aren’t sure where to start with masks or skincare this is  great mask to get.

And if you want to be extra:


Dr. Dennis Gross-Pro Facial Steamer: This is by no means a must have tool. But this tiny steamer produces the most decadent, hydrating steam I’ve ever seen. In my experience using this steamer before any skincare product dramatically helps with product absorption. So in order to get the most benefit from my masks I always steam for about 5-7 minutes before I apply them.

‘Tis the Season to Exfoliate


Exfoliation is such an important part of a skincare routine. Exfoliating removes the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and increases blood circulation; both of which contribute to a healthy glow. And in the cold, dry winter months it becomes even more important. I make it a point to a full body exfoliation at least twice a week. My skin really thanks me for this, it feels smooth and polished. This is also a good routine to follow before applying self tanner. Here are the products I’m currently using:

dsc_0165Face: Murad- AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser: The first thing I do is exfoliate my face. I always use a very gentle exfoliator on my face. This one from Murad has only small Jojoba beads instead of a rough sandy texture, which is perfect. And the AHA/BHA helps to prevent Milia, which I used to suffer from.

dsc_0173Body:  Josie Maran- Argan Oil Body Scrub: Next, I exfoliate my entire body. I take extra time on my elbows and where my bra goes. This one by Jose Maran is great because it is very moisturizing and luxurious so it doesn’t strip my skin. However, I just looked on Sephora and it doesn’t look like they sell this anymore. 

dsc_0168Hands: Lush- Salted Coconut Hand Scrub: I feel like hand exfoliation is a step that a lot of people skip. But it feels absolutely incredible and leaves my hands so smooth. I also think it eliminates the need to trim my cuticles as often. This one from Lush smells like a tropical vacation and of course is made with all natural ingredients.

dsc_0171Lips: Fresh- Sugar Lip Polish : I actually exfoliate my lips 3-4 times a week because they get so dry in the winter and I LOVE to wear lipstick. Lip exfoliation only takes 30 seconds but can make a matte lipstick look so much better. This one from Fresh is great because you get a ton of product and it tastes like brown sugar. But I do have a hard time getting the scrub out of the container because I have long nails. 

Makeup Eraser | Does it work?


I’ve always wanted to try out one of these Makeup Erasers and see if they really do remove makeup so when I saw this cute little heart shaped one pop up as part of a Pre-Black Friday sale on Sephora I knew I had to try it. This mini one was only $10 and is limited edition (full-size is $20). The Makeup Eraser claims to remove makeup with only warm water and last for a thousand washes.


I was actually really surprised how well the cloth did! I was wearing a full face of makeup and I only applied water to the eraser, no face cleaner or makeup remover at all. And it removed at least 80% of the makeup. I was especially impressed at how well it removed mascara and eyeshadow; when I used my eye makeup remover afterwards there was hardly anything left over. I think this product would be great for travel or if you have skin that is very sensitive to cleansers and makeup removers.

My only complaint it that it says you only need to wash the cloth one time a week, which is clearly not true, the thing was completely covered in makeup when I was done (this one is smaller than the original). In order to use this every day you would probably have to buy two or three of them and alternate them.


5 Products I Always Repurchase

dsc_0038One of my greatest joys in life is trying out new products. I visit the “Just Arrived” section of Sephora.com at least one a day looking for the new best thing; so it is rare that I re-purchase the same product more than once. But there are five products that I always repurchase because they are the best of the best! 

dsc_0040Urban Decay Chill Cooling and Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray I use this setting spray everyday that I wear makeup. It adds extra much needed moisture to my thirsty skin and noticeably blends my powder and liquid products together. This spray defiantly also prolongs the wear of my makeup. This was originally a Jaclyn Hill suggestion and I would never purchase anything else. 


Brazilian Bum Bum Cream This product is meant to tighten and smooth the look of skin and I have had some luck using it for that; but this cream really is so much more. It is the perfect combination of quick-absorbing and ultra-moisturizing. The formula is the perfect consistency to make it easy to spread. And the smell is to die for. This cream literally smells like a tropical vacation.

Shade: Medium Brown (Excuse my grown-out nail)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz I am a brow fanatic and a victim of waxing my brows too thin when I was in high school so brow products are so important to me. Anastasia hands-down makes the best brow products on the market right now, and the Brow Wiz takes the cake. It is thin enough to do precise brow work but also smooth enough to blend out for a natural look. And the Brow Wiz literally lasts all day.

Shade: Light Warm

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer This concealer is a cult-classic for a reason. It’s a concealer that is thick enough to cover imperfections but thin enough that it blends out naturally into the skin. And once you set it it lasts all day long without the need for touch-ups. It also comes in a wide variety of shades and the price point it great for the amount of product you get. 


MAC Eyeshadow in Bamboo To be honest, I don’t even like MAC eyeshadows. I think they are overpriced for the quality and pigmentation that you get. There are much better eyeshadow brands on the market. But MAC Bamboo is the exception! I start every eye look I do with this shadow. It is the perfect base or transition shade on my skin. It is creamy and blends like a dream. If you can’t get the gradient, blended look on your eye looks give Bamboo a try. 


Morning Skin Care Routine | Dry + Sensitive Skin

Here’s my current morning skin care routine. These same steps can be used with or without makeup. Most of my products are recommended for Dry and/or sensitive skin types. Some of these products are on the high-end side; but in my opinion if you are going to splurge on anything it should be your skin care. If your skin looks great you can get away with wearing no makeup or less expensive makeup.