Battle of the Eyeshadow OG’s | Lorac Pro vs Urban Decay Naked


When I first got into makeup everyone and their mother raved about the Naked palettes by Urban Decay. And with good reason, they were well-made palettes which contained a range of matte and shimmer neutrals and some darker colors. The beauty of the Naked Palettes was that you could create a gorgeous eye look using only one palette. So of course over my first year of makeup I bought all four (1,2,3, and Smokey) for $54 each. 

I recently was introduced to Lorac and purchased their original Pro palette at Ulta. The colors, price, and overall feel were so similar to the Original Naked palette that I started to question if the Naked palettes are really worth the hype. 

Top: Lorac Pro-Bottom: Naked

Naked by Urban Decay:


  • Larger pan-size
  • Comes with a brush
  • Blendable and easy to work with


  • Velvet lined case (looks dirty almost immediately)
  • $10 more expensive
  • Too many shimmer shades
  • Lightly pigmented¬†

Lorac Pro:


  • Compact/light-weight case (great for travel)
  • Very Buttery and pigmented with zero fall out
  • Equal amounts of matte and shimmer shade


  • Strange chemical smell
  • Small pan size (difficult to properly cover a brush)
  • Not sold at Sephora

The Winner: Lorac Pro

dsc_0012The Lorac shadows are simply better quality product for less money. They are more pigmented and buttery and overall easier to work with. You can more easily create an entire look with one palette  because it contains more of the basic matte shades that are needed. And the design of the palette itself is so much better. It is light-weight and extremely thin. The Lorac Pro is a better place to invest your money. 

5 Products I Always Repurchase

dsc_0038One of my greatest joys in life is trying out new products. I visit the “Just Arrived” section of at least one a day looking for the new best thing; so it is rare that I re-purchase the same product more than once. But there are five products that I always repurchase because they are the best of the best!¬†

dsc_0040Urban Decay Chill Cooling and Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray I use this setting spray everyday that I wear makeup. It adds extra much needed moisture to my thirsty skin and noticeably blends my powder and liquid products together. This spray defiantly also prolongs the wear of my makeup. This was originally a Jaclyn Hill suggestion and I would never purchase anything else. 


Brazilian Bum Bum Cream This product is meant to tighten and smooth the look of skin and I have had some luck using it for that; but this cream really is so much more. It is the perfect combination of quick-absorbing and ultra-moisturizing. The formula is the perfect consistency to make it easy to spread. And the smell is to die for. This cream literally smells like a tropical vacation.

Shade: Medium Brown (Excuse my grown-out nail)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz I am a brow fanatic and a victim of waxing my brows too thin when I was in high school so brow products are so important to me. Anastasia hands-down makes the best brow products on the market right now, and the Brow Wiz takes the cake. It is thin enough to do precise brow work but also smooth enough to blend out for a natural look. And the Brow Wiz literally lasts all day.

Shade: Light Warm

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer¬†This concealer is a cult-classic for a reason. It’s a concealer that is thick enough to cover imperfections but thin enough that it blends out naturally into the skin. And once you set it it lasts all day long without the need for touch-ups. It also comes in a wide variety of shades and the price point it great for the amount of product you get.¬†


MAC Eyeshadow in Bamboo¬†To be honest, I don’t even like MAC eyeshadows. I think they are overpriced for the quality and pigmentation that you get. There are much better eyeshadow brands on the market. But MAC Bamboo is the exception! I start every eye look I do with this shadow. It is the perfect base or transition shade on my skin. It is creamy and blends like a dream.¬†If you can’t get the gradient, blended look on your eye looks give Bamboo a try.¬†


$32 Face Cleanser | Is it worth it? | DERMAdoctor Wrinkle Revenge Facial Cleanser

dsc_0035Recently I’ve been trying to re-vamp my skincare routine. I’ve been purchasing some products that are a little more expensive and a little more geared towards anti-aging. The DERMAdoctor skincare line is very popular, especially on YouTube, so ¬†purchased their Wrinkle Revenge Antioxidant Enhanced Glycolic Acid Facial Cleaner.

DSC_0029.jpgThe Pros:

  • Immediate results after first use.
  • Glass bottle with pump
  • Soap-Free
  • 6 ounces of product, and only a small amount is needed for each application.
  • Safe and Effective way to apply Glycolic Acid

The Cons:

I would not really consider this product a cleanser; ¬†I would consider this a treatment or almost a mask. It has to be used on dry skin which makes it difficult to use in the shower. And in my experience it doesn’t really remove heavy makeup, like eyeliner or mascara. So if I have a full face of makeup on I clean my face with a cleansing oil, dry it off completely, and then apply this product. I don’t really mind doing this; but for some people this could be a deal breaker.

My Opinion:

This cleanser is unlike anything I’ve ever used. After just three days of using it I’ve noticed a huge difference in how clear my skin is and how much less texture I have. I think the key ingredient in this product is the Glycolic Acid which releases and dissolves dead skin cells. The molecules in this type of acid are so small that they actually penetrate the skins surface layer. If you want to step your skincare game up, PURCHASE THIS CLEANSER!

DERMAdoctor Wrinkle Revenge Cleanser

Have you ever used any other good products by DERMAdoctor or products with Glycolic Acid?

Morning Skin Care Routine | Dry + Sensitive Skin

Here’s my current morning skin care routine. These same steps can be used with or without makeup. Most of my products are recommended for Dry and/or sensitive skin types. Some of these products are on the high-end side; but in my opinion if you are going to splurge on anything it should be your skin care. If your skin looks great you can get away with wearing no makeup or less expensive makeup.