4 Things I Learned about Eyelash Extensions

img_2826I feel like eyelash extensions are a great example of a beauty enhancement that can either look amazing or terrifying (the same goes for fake tanning or hair extensions). I’ve seen so many girls with beautiful, natural looking eyelash extensions but an equal number whose were pointing all different directly and falling out everywhere.

But last week I decided to take the plunge and try them out for myself. So far I have really enjoyed having them. They looks stunning and give me that “my lashes but better” look that I was going for. The picture above is with zero make or curling; I just woke up and brushed them with a spooley. I like them most like this, with no makeup on, because they really stand out and make me look awake and refreshed. I especially like them at the gym because it looks like I have makeup on but I don’t. But there have been some unexpected things I have learned along the way as well. Here are four things I learned about eyelash extensions:

  1. They take about two hours to apply. You will have to lay on a table for two hours with your eyes closed and your lower lashes taped down during this time. You cannot get up or really move at all during this process so if you have a hard time sitting still this wouldn’t work for you.
  2. They have their own set of rules. You cannot get your eyes wet for 24 hours after the application (which can be tough to schedule). And you cannot use any type of oil-based product on your eyes while you have the extensions because it breaks down the glue. So if you are like me and like to use an oil-based beauty balm to remove makeup it will take some adjustment.
  3. Eye makeup becomes a little bit of a challenge. Getting shadows close the your lash line can be difficult and I have found applying eyeliner to be near impossible. You also can’t wear mascara which I really miss because I’m so used to it completing my look and making my lashes a little darker.
  4. Washing your face/lashes is difficult. You can definitely feel the lashes on your eyes when you touch them and they are a little bit delicate so you can’t really wipe your eyes. So I’ve found that when my face gets wet, my lashes get soaked, and I can’t really wipe them off for fear of poking myself in the eye or loosing some lashes so I end up getting a lot of water in my eyes.

Overall I think I would get them again. Eyelash extensions would be perfect for a special occasion, a vacation, or if you don’t wear a lot of eye makeup. I’m just not sure if they are super practical for 24/7 wear.


What is an Eyelash Lift?

I’m always interested in trying out new beauty trends and I’ll pretty much do anything at least once. So when I heard that the Esthetician at my local nail salon was offering Eyelash Lifts I was immediately intrigued.┬áThe process costs around $50, takes 45 minutes, and lasts two months.


A Lash Lift is basically semi-permanent eyelash curling. The Esthetician selects a “rod” of the correct thickness depending on the length and thickness of the eyelashes. The lashes are then rolled over the rod and the curling formula is applied. After waiting 15 minutes a neutralizer is applied and the lashes are rinsed.┬áThe result is lashes with a natural looking curl.


I am very happy with the results I have seen. The “After” picture above is right out of the shower with zero makeup applied. My lashes are noticeably lifted and they look like I am wearing a couple of coats of mascara. It adds just a little extra drama to my eyes. My eyelashes do have a natural curl to them (probably because I have curly hair) so the results on me are not extremely dramatic. As an added bonus it is more comfortable to wear my glasses because my lashes don’t hit them.

An eyelash lift would be perfect for someone who has very straight eyelashes or someone who doesn’t like to wear mascara. Additionally if you have light colored eyelashes, a Lash Lift in conjunction with dying the eyelashes would be really beautiful. It is also a great alternative to Eyelash Extensions because it is cheaper, faster, and easier to maintain than extensions.


  1. Don’t wear your contacts to the appointment. Pressure will be applied to the eye ball as well as some rubbing which can irritate your contacts.
  2. Don’t wear makeup to the appointment. You will not be able to get your eyes wet for 24 hours after the appointment so you won’t want to have a full face of makeup on.
  3. Make sure the Esthetician knows what he/she is doing. If the wrong size rod is applied it will over-curl the lashes, making it hard to apply eyeshadow and eyeliner.

My Esthetician: