How I achieved my Hair Goals

img_2803I struggled for most of 2016 to find the perfect products and routine for my hair and I can now finally say my search is over. I have naturally wavy hair that is dry and course. I color my hair every three months and generally heat style it every day so I do have some damage and split ends. I only wash my hair every two or three days in order to eliminate some of the damage. The biggest concern I have is maintaining my volume between washes. My goal is to have thick, full hair that still has movement. Here is the routine I’ve been using the last couple of months and I’ve been having nothing but good hair days:

  1. Pre Shampoo- I use the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo. I apply a generous amount and really massage it into my scalp. This product helps to remove any oil and product buildup. 
  2. Shampoo- I then use Living Proof Full Volume Shampoo. Because I’ve already prepooed I can get away with using only a small amount of this shampoo. This product is unique because it not only eliminates buildup but also helps to repel it. 
  3. Conditioner- The way I condition my hair really is my secret weapon. I use Aveda Pure Abundance conditioner it has the most amazing peppermint smell and gives my hair noticeable body. I gently wring much water as I can out of my hair, I then flip my head upside down and begin by applying the conditioner from the base of my head through the ends. I then tie the hair up on the top of my head with an elastic. I leave it up there while I shave and cleanse my body. Then I just rinse extra well. 
  4. Volume Boost- While my hair is still damp I spray 3-4 pumps of the Aveda Volumizing Tonic in the upper crown of my hair. This product is great because it gives me volume and texture without leaving behind a sticky residue. 
  5. Heat Protection- Because I blow dry and straighten my hair I’m always very diligent with applying a head protectant. I use the Aveda Smooth Infusion creme to protect my hair. I apply this product similarly to how I apply conditioner; I flip my head upside down and start from the bottom of my head and work it through the entire length of my hair. 

Finished Product!


My Happy Place

Before I start talking all about makeup and beauty I wanted to talk about how to set up your designated makeup area. You certainly don’t need all of these things to create a beautiful makeup look but the elements I am going to discuss make the process a lot more quick and easy.


Get Comfortable:

I really enjoy having a place to sit while I do my hair and makeup. On an average day it takes me over an hour to get ready for work. Not only would my feet and legs get very tired standing up this entire time but there are also certain makeup looks that actually benefit from sitting and resting your elbow on a solid surface like brows, lip liner, and liquid eyeliner. It’s also important for the surface you are using to be heat proof since you will be resting hot tools on it. I didn’t always have this beautiful table; I used to sit on a bench in a tiny coat closet so I could do my makeup.

Get Lit:

Lighting and mirrors are also paramount when doing makeup. One of the reasons I hate doing my makeup while traveling is that I can never get the right combination or mirrors and lighting when I’m away from home. Not only do you need light shining down from above but you also need at least one light pointing directly at your face, I use a small table lamp from Target. Only having light from above will cast shadows on your face making some looks, particularly eye makeup looks, more difficult.

Get Vain:

You also need to have a freestanding mirror that you can keep close to you. I use one with an LED light from Costco, which I absolutely love (I sometimes take this with me when I travel). I do my makeup looking in this mirror and then I have a mirror mounted to the wall further from my face that I use to periodically check my look. This allows you to check symmetry and how your face will look to other people.


Get Organized:

For the actual organization of my makeup I have found bamboo drawer organizers very helpful (they are actually meant for the kitchen). The one pictured is in a drawer that pulls out from the bottom on my makeup table and this is where I keep my commonly used products. I have them divided into sections based on what types of products they are (eyes,blush, highlight, ect)  This allows me easy access to them without having to stand up.


I also love to use clear, acrylic makeup organizers that I have purchased on Amazon for organizing products that I commonly rotate, like my lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes. This allows me to easily see what I have when I am planing out my look for the day. These are about $25 on Amazon and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.



Get Clean:

It’s also very helpful to have a very spacious shower in your bathroom. This makes exfoliation, shaving, and apply hair masks much easier. In my bathroom I did without having a bathtub in the interest of having more shower space.

I am very fortunate to have multiple shower heads which is nice because it allows your to make one of them cold (certain hair products require a cold rinse) or turn one of them off to create more standing room when exfoliating your body.

I also included a seat in my shower which doubles as a place to put my shampoos and soaps and works as a handy place to sit while I shave or to exfoliate my feet.