What’s in My Purse

img_0457-1I’ve never been one to carry a huge purse or a huge wallet. I like small to medium sized bags and I carry only the essentials. This makes it easier to find things when I really need them. Here are the items that I currently carry in my purse:

  1. Wallet: A small wallet just big enough for my cards and some cash. I only carry two credit cards, my Costco card, and my ID. This way when I am at the register I’m not digging through a ton of cards looking for the right one.
  2. Hand Sanitizer: I like to carry a hand sanitizer that contains aloe so it doesn’t dry out my hands. Hand sanitizer can also be hard on acrylic nails, but I’ve found that the Purell brand does not damage my nails.
  3. Sunglasses: I always have a casual/versatile pair of sun glasses in my purse. They especially come in handy when I’m n0t wearing makeup. I especially love aviator style glasses. These are Michael Kors and I purchased them at Nordstrom.
  4. Hair Brush: I brush my hair way too many times during the day. I’m that person who will brush their hair at a restaurant or while driving my car. I can’t stand the feeling of having knots in my hair so I always have a brush on hand.
  5. Snack: I try to always keep a non-perishable, semi-healthy snack in my bag. This keeps me from wasting money on unhealthy food when I’m on the run. These Fig Bars are yummy and fill me up.
  6. Lips: Obviously the lip products that I have in my purse depend on the look I’m wearing that day. However I do always keep Neutrogena chapstick (unscented), Buxom “White Russian” gloss, and a ColorPop Lippie stick with me at all times. All of these products are moisturizing and can be work with or without makeup.
  7. Contact Lense Re-Wetting Drops: I used to always carry my prescription glasses with me just incase my eyes started bothering me but they were bulky and I hardly ever needed them. Re-wetting drops are so much more convenient. If my eyes get dry or scratchy during the day I can easily drop these in and I’m good to go.
  8. Car Key: This is pretty self explaitory 🙂

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