Battle of the Eyeshadow OG’s | Lorac Pro vs Urban Decay Naked


When I first got into makeup everyone and their mother raved about the Naked palettes by Urban Decay. And with good reason, they were well-made palettes which contained a range of matte and shimmer neutrals and some darker colors. The beauty of the Naked Palettes was that you could create a gorgeous eye look using only one palette. So of course over my first year of makeup I bought all four (1,2,3, and Smokey) for $54 each. 

I recently was introduced to Lorac and purchased their original Pro palette at Ulta. The colors, price, and overall feel were so similar to the Original Naked palette that I started to question if the Naked palettes are really worth the hype. 

Top: Lorac Pro-Bottom: Naked

Naked by Urban Decay:


  • Larger pan-size
  • Comes with a brush
  • Blendable and easy to work with


  • Velvet lined case (looks dirty almost immediately)
  • $10 more expensive
  • Too many shimmer shades
  • Lightly pigmented 

Lorac Pro:


  • Compact/light-weight case (great for travel)
  • Very Buttery and pigmented with zero fall out
  • Equal amounts of matte and shimmer shade


  • Strange chemical smell
  • Small pan size (difficult to properly cover a brush)
  • Not sold at Sephora

The Winner: Lorac Pro

dsc_0012The Lorac shadows are simply better quality product for less money. They are more pigmented and buttery and overall easier to work with. You can more easily create an entire look with one palette  because it contains more of the basic matte shades that are needed. And the design of the palette itself is so much better. It is light-weight and extremely thin. The Lorac Pro is a better place to invest your money. 

3 thoughts on “Battle of the Eyeshadow OG’s | Lorac Pro vs Urban Decay Naked

  1. I don’t own either palettes but I’ve had my eye on the LORAC Pro for ages! And this confirms it. It really sucks that LORAC isn’t easy to get a hold of here in Canada!


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