Makeup Eraser | Does it work?


I’ve always wanted to try out one of these Makeup Erasers and see if they really do remove makeup so when I saw this cute little heart shaped one pop up as part of a Pre-Black Friday sale on Sephora I knew I had to try it. This mini one was only $10 and is limited edition (full-size is $20). The Makeup Eraser claims to remove makeup with only warm water and last for a thousand washes.


I was actually really surprised how well the cloth did! I was wearing a full face of makeup and I only applied water to the eraser, no face cleaner or makeup remover at all. And it removed at least 80% of the makeup. I was especially impressed at how well it removed mascara and eyeshadow; when I used my eye makeup remover afterwards there was hardly anything left over. I think this product would be great for travel or if you have skin that is very sensitive to cleansers and makeup removers.

My only complaint it that it says you only need to wash the cloth one time a week, which is clearly not true, the thing was completely covered in makeup when I was done (this one is smaller than the original). In order to use this every day you would probably have to buy two or three of them and alternate them.


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