Becca-Blushed with Light Palette Review

I was looking for some new exciting blush colors to add to my collection and I came across Becca’s new Blush Palette on Sephora’s website. I don’t own many of Becca’s products and I was a victim of the Jaclyn Hill X Becca Eyeshadow debacle earlier this year so I was a little turned off by Becca as a brand. But my faith in them has been restored! This palette is so beautiful and luxurious. Highly Recommend!

Wisteria (soft rose), Snapdragon (coral), Songbird (peachy pink)

The Stats:

  • Retails for $34- $11 each!
  • 3 X 0.16 oz pans
  • Two mineral blushes (Wisteria & Songbird) + One luminous blush (Snapdragon)
  • Wisteria is exclusive to this palette
Pictured wearing Snapdragon

What I Love:

I’m no gonna lie I pretty much love everything about this palette. The packaging is compact, so it’s easy to store and travel with. It has some weight to it so you can really feel the quality of the product when you pick it up.

All of the colors apply beautifully and blend out very naturally. If you want to only buy one blush palette this is the one for you because you can pair one of these blushes with almost every lip color. Also, Wisteria has to be like one of the most versatile blushes I’ve ever seen. I think this shade would be very complimentary on any skin tone. And you can’t beat this price. $11 for a high end blush is incredible.

What I Don’t Love:

The only thing about these blushes that I’m not crazy about is that they are suuuuper pigmented. You only need the smallest amount per cheek. I thought it was just me, but I heard Casey Holmes mention the same thing in her recent Sephora Haul video. But is this really a con? It just means that this palette will last a long time.


3 thoughts on “Becca-Blushed with Light Palette Review

  1. Good to know concerning blushes! Sometimes that can be the most difficult match to your skin tone. If I could narrow it down to just one instead of a half dozen to chose ☝️. Awesome


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