Beauty Order of Opperations

As we all know, makeup is more of an art than a science. There aren’t strict rules that have to be followed, and that can be part of the fun! But I have found that applying products in a particular order gives me a better result. And as more beauty innovations hit the market it seems like the order of operations is getting harder and harder to keep track of. Plus the accountant in me loves a numbered list, so here are the steps I take for my skincare and makeup:

AM Skincare:

  1. Wash Face
  2. Remove any remaining eye makeup
  3. Apply Toner
  4. Apply Eye Cream
  5. Apply Serum
  6. Apply moisturizer
  7. Apply Lipbalm
  8. Apply Sunscreen (I live in Alaska and my foundation has SPF so I usually skip this

Makeup Application:

  1. Apply Primer (face and lids)
  2. Apply Foundation
  3. Apply Concealer
  4. Blend with a beautyblender
  5. Set face and eyes with Powder
  6. Apply Bronzer
  7. Apply Blush
  8. Apply Highlight
  9. Fill in Brows
  10. Apply Eyeshadow
  11. Apply Eyeliner
  12. Apply Lash Primer
  13. Apply Mascara
  14. Apply Lipliner/Lipstick/Lipgloss
  15. Spritz face with Setting Spray
  16. Slay Your Day!

PM Skincare:

  1. Apply makeup removing face oil
  2. Wash face
  3. Remove remaining eye makeup
  4. Apply Eye Cream
  5. Use Face Mask
  6. Exfoliate face and/or lips
  7. Apply serum
  8. Apply night oil
  9. Apply Lipbalm


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